In the #SpiritoftheHorse... I desire for you to run, buck, fart, be extremely curious and play in life, like the horse.

I desire for you to acknowledge your intuition like the horse. Listen deeply, see and feel fully, like the horse.

​Welcome! And, Welcome to Beautiful 2022! I've been working on NEW! 2022 programs and teachings PLUS I started a NEW

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Here's the Link: Adulting - Sh.t Nobody Told Us!

Yes, Come play with us there - we'll have little events and 5 person groups of learning modules, Q and A opportunities, Opportunities to be coached around your challenges, and MORE....

​So....You are HERE and that must mean you're ready to climb out of the ditch, help someone you care about, or possibly looking for answers that create a NEW way of being... Most of us are looking to develop answers around understanding, clarity, happiness, contentment, peace, joy, serenity, lots of love, and more…I'm so glad you're here!

Studying and evaluating (playing detective) around patterns, cycles, behaviors, betrayal, shock, and even trauma is always eye opening – from little discoveries to BIG "WOW" moments! Can you imagine your challenge or what I like to call a "conundrum" becoming something you’d say “was the best thing that ever happened to ME”? Living in the past and responding from within the past subconsciously often creates FEELINGS and from those feelings we develop BELIEFS - that with a little attention, awareness, and understanding CAN be transitioned into


Choosing to no longer return to the scene of the accident or incident by reprocessing and repositioning is such a worthy investment of your TIME AND ATTENTION!

Re-living the past over and over again OR carrying it into life with you causes great harm to our physical bodies, spiritual well-being, our Souls, intuition, and more… Re-living the past wears us out, Mind-Body-Spirit!

If you're NEW here - click and take a TEST DRIVE (found under "Work w/Theresa"); that way you can experience a session.

I moved my 24 years of #volunteerism to my #business so I can SERVE, CONNECT and SERVE!

I know that people do not STAY stuck in trauma, drama, or in the past ON PURPOSE.

NOT ONE person I’ve ever met or worked with would choose that for themselves. We naturally want to move on and heal - yet, as you probably already know - we can't wish it away, pray it away, or "let it go" so easily, can we?

The subconscious mind is powerful. It’s the part of the human mind that has the ability to create a 'daydream driving' scenario. You can relate to this analogy of driving home on auto-pilot – right? All of a sudden we are home and have no idea how we got there!

We also auto-react, or Insta-REACT™, as I say in my programs before we even realize it.

I work within the realm of BIG, touchy subjects, secrets, and heartfelt trauma and drama. This means, by design and on purpose, I stay very available for conversations, support, questions, and clarity – simply reach out if you need support!

I am a great listener. Constantly working on becoming a Masterful Listener.

My program menu items have evolved and continue to evolve; just as my 24 years experience has evolved around "trauma recovery and playing detective" for my own life, as a volunteer in my community, and as I've worked with clients. And, I LOVE THAT! It's also created my KingConcepts, my
Signature Program, and my teachings and shares along life's journey - all available to YOU via different modalities.

I have Dual Coaching Certification's in Life & Business Coaching and 15 years entrepreneurial experience.

Here's a little About Page Overview.

My teachings are also derived from my failure's, bounce-backs, break-through's, Miracles I've experienced, and the celebration of my big and little successes in life! One decision or commitment to Self at a time - and the practice of discipline one day at a time.

Check out the GIFT I have for you below AND see the menu (or drop down menu) at the very top of this page

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" A GIFT for YOU"

26 years ago I was given a gift of "Pen to Paper" regarding connecting with the God of My Understanding. The God of My Understanding is kind, loving, all inclusive, and has other labels such as God, Higher Power, Universe, Creator, Spirit, etc. I'm not attached to your version of that. I serve people - ALL people. Even the non-believer. Later, I added connection with my Soul - I call her Sophia Love. When I speak online or from stage I "gift" this life-changing tool to others. "Pen to Paper" is a 30-day concept that has helped hundreds of people and is something I've been devoted to as a daily practice for 26 years. Have a missed a day? Yes, however, very few. I've found it only takes about 3 days to a week

when I lay this tool down before OLD ways of being and thinking resumes.

And, for that reason, I'm very devoted to what this discipline (aka blissipline) gives us.

Give it a try and be consistent. I believe whole-heartedly that you'll love it! If so, never lay it down!

I love you BIG and want you to have this foundational a THANK YOU for your visit here.

Email Me w/ GIFT in subject line and I'll email back with an attchment of the PDF for

print (and implementation!) ...

Big Love,

I'm really BIG on online connections...working within my community, around the nation and across the ocean. Meet me there via the icons below!

And, then pm / dm me and we'll jump on the phone...

Big Love, Theresa

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