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Connect with your people

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3. Cultivate

Cultivate a thriving experience that your people love with our tools that enhance and leverage engagement!



All in one software

Create and sell with ease!

No need to be tech savvy to build your business!

Design your site, record your classes

and sell your products and services all from one portal.

All of our system is completely customizable to your brand!

With unlimited custom domains, completely

custom site designs, membership portals, courses, communities and apps, you are in the right place if you love having your own branded content.

All in one software

Create and sell with ease!

No need to be tech savvy to build your business!

Design your site, record your classes

and sell your products and services all from one portal.

All of our system is

completely customizable to your brand!

With unlimited custom domains, completely

custom site designs, membership portals, courses, communities and apps, you are in the right place if you love having your own branded content.



Text, Email, Social Media Messaging with Instagram and Facebook!

Ever have a conversation with someone and don't remember if they texted, DMed, PMed or emailed you?!

I know right?!

It can get super confusing!

We've got you covered! Now, no need to remember, you can do it all in one place, and it's sequentially ordered for you😍

All in one software
All in one software

Text, Email, Social Media Messaging with Instagram and Facebook!

Ever have a conversation with someone and don't remember if they texted, DMed, PMed or emailed you?!

I know right?!

It can get super confusing!

We've got you covered! Now, no need to remember, you can do it all in one place, and it's sequentially ordered for you😍



Cultivate a community around your brand!

Forget fighting with the algorithms, wondering if your community is seeing your group content, or figuring out how to connect your community to your automation needs.

Your people will see your content, they are easily connected to your courses and automation works seamlessly! Plus, love the look and feel. It's so clean and easy to use!

Cultivate a community around your brand!

Forget fighting with the algorithms, wondering if your community is seeing your group content, or figuring out how to connect your community to your automation needs.

Your people will see your content, they are easily connected to your courses and automation works seamlessly! Plus, love the look and feel. It's so clean and easy to use!

MORE TIME, LESS STRESS - We save you time by synthesizing many of the platforms you need, like your courses, communities, website, landing pages, forms, surveys, hosting, messaging (Emails, Text, DM, PM), app creation, all in one place for you to work. When you sit down at your desk you don't wonder what you need to log into first, you simply open Soul Software.


Let's face it , lower-priced platforms are entry-grade and they're great for doing your business as a hobby. They talk a good game but cannot support the customizations and full growth a business will want to experience over time. We save you time by allowing you to grow with us!! We have great entry level offers that allows you to get started with an Enterprise system at a Starter cost!


Stop trying to figure it out yourself. We make DIY a breeze because it comes with an incredible support library, teachings, 24/7 Chat and One-on-One Zoom Support, no matter what level of membership that you buy!

Our Plans


Compare with Kajabi

While Kajabi offers a decent starting point with their $55 plan, you'll want to look more closely at your goals to ensure they align with the expansion your business will have and the long-term savings.

Our plans start out at $22 per month and our Bundle option "Course Junkie" at $77 a month packs a punch, giving you unlimited courses, products, communities, funnels, websites, and active users.

There is no limit on your creativity and growth! Or, if you want to get even more creative you could start as low as $44 a month with our Creative Connector and build out your course in our community area, instead of the traditional course creator section. No limit there either!

But wait, there's more! With Soul Software, you get to enjoy the ease of unlimited contacts with our business plans and our amazing Done For You Templates make it a breeze to plug and play.

As you grow with us, upgrading to our $111 plan will have you thanking your lucky stars, as you'll still be saving a ton compared to Kajabi's offerings ( 🤫 it exceeds Kajabi's $399 plan) Our software is leading edge with AI built in and always improving. It's worth a closer look if you're considering switching or new to all-in-one or course creation software.

Compare with Kartra

Let's see how we stack up against Kartra. Kartra's $69 plan offers 1 domain, unlimited pages, videos, and products, plus memberships, courses, funnel mapping, forms, and Kartra AI. But hold on to your hats, folks – SoulSoftware's Course Junkie $77 plan gives you all that and more!

You'll enjoy unlimited courses, communities, funnels, websites, and active users for a more versatile, powerful experience.

Now, let's check out Kartra's $189 plan, boasting 3 domains and additional features like surveys, quizzes, and webinars (with attendee limits).

With SoulSoftware's $111 plan, you'll get all those bells and whistles, plus unlimited funnels, websites, and active users, and 3 times the contacts!

Our Done For You Templates make it super easy to plug and play – no fuss, no limits.

But wait, there's more! Kartra's $429 plan offers 5 domains, extra webinar attendees, and presenters. SoulSoftware's $111 plan still outshines the competition at a fraction of the price. Why pay more for Kartra when you can save big and embrace unlimited potential with SoulSoftware?The choice is simple: hop on board the SoulSoftware express for a fun, affordable, and limitless journey to success!

Compare with Teachable

Soul Software Communities:

Focuses on community-building and social engagement

Provides a clean, modern, social network-inspired user experience

Enables businesses to create a tailored and customizable community platform

Ideal for fostering user collaboration, discussions, and content sharing within a community setting


Primarily an online course creation platform with a focus on instructional design and monetization.

Allows users to create and sell online courses, with support for multimedia content, quizzes, and certificates

Provides marketing and sales features, including customizable sales pages, affiliate marketing, and email marketing

Suitable for individuals and businesses looking to create and sell online courses

Usage Cases:

Online Courses:

Both platforms could be used for creating and offering online courses. While Teachable is specifically designed for course creation, Soul Software Communities offers a more versatile platform that can also support course delivery within a community setting.

Membership Sites: Soul Software Communities can be used to create membership sites where users can join groups, access exclusive content, and engage in discussions. Teachable also offers a membership feature, but its primary focus remains on online course delivery.

Community Engagement: Soul Software Communities is designed specifically for fostering social engagement and community-building. Teachable has some features for student engagement, such as comments and quizzes, but does not offer the same depth of community features.

Monetization: Teachable offers robust monetization options, including course sales, subscriptions, and payment plans. Soul Software has this ability, plus all of the other features directly inside the software system.

In summary, Soul Software Communities and Teachable cater to different primary needs, with the former focusing on community-building and social engagement, while the latter prioritizes online course creation and monetization. Consider your organization's specific goals and requirements when selecting between these platforms.

Compare with Thinkific

Hey there, ambitious entrepreneur! Are you seeking the perfect platform to launch your online courses, build a thriving community, and skyrocket your business without breaking the bank? Look no further than Soul Software – the fun, all-in-one solution for all your digital marketing needs!

We've got the lowdown on how Soul Software stacks up against Thinkific.

Thinkific's plans start at $36 per month, but wait – Soul Software's Fresh Start plan is only $22 per month! You'll enjoy unlimited communities and forms, plus essential features like online appointment booking and chat widgets.Looking for more features to boost your business?

Check out our Creative Connector plan at just $44 per month! You'll unlock unlimited websites and e-commerce, ensuring your business has room to grow and thrive.

Now, get ready for the ultimate flexibility with our Choose a Bundle plan! For only $77 per month, you'll receive everything from the previous plans and get to choose one additional feature bundle: Social Butterfly, Course Junkie, or Funnel Queen. Mix and match to suit your unique business needs!With Soul Software, you can enjoy unlimited contacts and communities, plus features like social media planning, unlimited courses, or unlimited funnels – all at a fraction of the cost compared to Thinkific.

So why limit your business's potential with Thinkific when you can have a fun, customizable, and budget-friendly solution with Soul Software? Join our family today and watch your online empire flourish in style!

Compare with Podia

Hey there, forward-thinking entrepreneur! Are you on the hunt for a platform that can keep up with your growing business and unique brand? Look no further than Soul Software – the perfect, all-in-one solution for your digital marketing needs!

Let's see how Soul Software compares to Podia.While Podia offers plans ranging from $0 to $89 per month, their platform may hold your business back with limited advanced automation and fewer customization options.

As your business expands, these restrictions could stifle growth and hinder the expression of your brand's true identity. Enter Soul Software! Our $22 Fresh Start plan already gives you more value, with unlimited communities, forms, and essential features like online appointment booking and chat widgets – all without transaction fees.Looking to personalize your website and unlock e-commerce capabilities? Our Creative Connector plan is just $44 per month, offering unlimited websites, advanced automations, and a fun, flexible experience to help your business flourish.For the ultimate versatility, check out our Choose a Bundle plan at $77 per month.

You'll get everything mentioned above, plus the option to select additional features like social media planning, unlimited courses, or unlimited funnels. Customize your plan to match your business's ever-evolving needs!

With Soul Software, you can enjoy unlimited contacts, communities, and advanced marketing features without compromising your brand's look and feel. Our platform is designed for seamless integration and scalability, ensuring your business thrives both now and in the future.

So why settle for Podia's limitations when you can embrace Soul Software's creative, versatile, and budget-friendly solution? Join our family today and watch your online empire grow with style, flair, and unstoppable momentum!

Compare with FG Funnels

FG Funnels, we think of as a sister company. Both them and Soul Software are built on the same foundation, HighLevel. This infrastructure is bare without what Agencies add to them.

FG has strong templates to give to its users, great tutorials, and we admire what they've created.

Soul Software focuses on heart-centered entrepreneurs and enterprise companies who want 1-on-1 VIP service and customizations. We call ourselves curators, not a white label company, because when we found HighLevel we were already working with a few other developers and took these additional features and integrated them together for a seamless eco-system for our customers.

The features that give us an edge are: video conferencing, video recording and streaming, advanced community building options, and collaborative task applications. Soul Software provides a clean, modern, and social network-inspired user experience. Our unique platform enables businesses to create a tailored and customizable community and marketing automation integrations to support promotional efforts. We provide white glove service for content migration, with occasional promotions for free migration.

We are proud to be amongst companies like FG Funnels and encourage you to decide which is the best fit for your business.

Compare with Dropbox

Soul Software has Unlimited Storage, Folders, and More! With Soul Software, you can enjoy unlimited storage for your PDFs, videos, and images, plus folders to help you organize and store all your files with ease. Experience the ultimate in file management, convenience, and affordability. Consolidate your digital tools and save both time and money, as you watch your online empire flourish with style and unstoppable momentum!

Compare with Calendly

Move beyond the limitations of Calendly's free and paid plans and embrace the power of Soul Software, an all-encompassing platform designed to meet all your appointment scheduling and time management needs.With Soul Software, you'll enjoy features that go above and beyond what Calendly offers.

Say goodbye to limited event types, integrations, and support, and hello to an unlimited, customizable experience with advanced admin features, 24/7 live chat support.

Whether you're starting out or managing a team, Soul Software provides the ultimate in convenience, affordability, and flexibility. Make the switch today and experience the difference of a truly comprehensive platform. Unlock the full potential of your online empire with Soul Software – your one-stop solution for appointment scheduling, time management, and beyond!

Compare with Acuity

Acuity may offer more than just a simple calendar, but Soul Software takes it a step further. With our all-encompassing platform, you'll enjoy not only advanced appointment scheduling, but also powerful client management tools to rival Acuity's Clients tab.Keep track of client information, notes, and appointments all in one place, and never miss a beat when it comes to managing your business relationships. Plus, with Soul Software's unlimited user accounts and an ever-expanding set of marketing tools, you'll have everything you need to streamline your workflow and elevate your business.

Compare with Squarespace

Soul Software vs Squarespace: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Business NeedsAre you stuck deciding between Soul Software and Squarespace for your business's online presence? We've got you covered with this detailed comparison, exploring the unique features and benefits of each platform. Let's dive in!Soul

Software: All-encompassing platform with unlimited user accountsPowerful client management tools for tracking client info, notes, and appointmentsEver-expanding set of marketing tools, including advanced appointment scheduling and marketing automation integrationsSeamless 24/7 chat support to assist you whenever you need it

Squarespace: Popular website builder known for its sleek templates and user-friendly interface. Robust blogging and e-commerce tools for building an online store. A wide range of integrations with third-party apps and services.

Primarily focuses on website design and content management, rather than comprehensive business solutions. While Squarespace excels in website creation and content management, Soul Software offers a more all-encompassing solution for businesses looking to streamline their workflow and client management processes. In our experience when you start expanding your business Squarespace becomes less and less intuitive and a more cumbersome and clunky platform.

With Soul Software, you'll benefit from advanced appointment scheduling, marketing automation integrations, and unlimited user accounts, all backed by 24/7 chat support. Consider your business's unique needs and priorities when deciding between Soul Software and Squarespace. If you're seeking a platform that goes beyond website creation to offer a comprehensive suite of tools that is intuitive to use, Soul Software may be the perfect fit for your business.

Compare with Wix

Wondering whether Soul Software or Wix is the right platform for your business?

We've got your back with this detailed comparison, highlighting the standout features and advantages of each option. Let's explore!

Soul Software:

Intuitive platform designed to expand and scale with your business, catering to both users and developers.

All-encompassing solution offering unlimited user accounts, powerful client management tools, and advanced marketing integrations.

Seamless 24/7 chat support to assist you whenever you need it.

Avoids the clunkiness experienced with Wix as your business grows, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.


User-friendly website builder with drag-and-drop functionality.

Variety of templates and design options for customization

App marketplace for adding additional features and functionalities

Focus on website design and ease of use for beginners

When choosing between Soul Software and Wix, consider your business's unique requirements and priorities.

Compare with Mighty Networks

Both Mighty Networks and Soul Software Communities are community-focused platforms that enable social engagement through features like profiles, content creation, feeds, groups, and direct messaging.

However, they differ in the user experience, customization, and typical usage scenarios.

Mighty Networks:

Offers a more forum-like experience with a focus on long-form content and web-page format posts.

Distinct look and feel or "chrome" throughout the user experience.

Suitable for organizations seeking a modern forum experience.

Soul Software Communities:

Aligns with modern social networks, providing a clean aesthetic that highlights the network's brand.

Customizable user experience, allowing for a tailored and seamless interaction for usersIdeal for businesses looking for a versatile and customizable platform for their community.

Newly offers Mobile Apps - Ours is not there yet, but coming soon!

Usage Cases:

E-Learning Platforms: Both platforms could be used to set up groups for different courses or subjects, enabling learners and instructors to engage in focused discussions and collaboration.

Corporate Communication: Both platforms could facilitate departmental collaboration in large corporations, allowing for focused discussions, announcements, and document sharing.

Product Development: Companies could leverage both platforms to gather valuable user insights for product enhancement, setting up groups for beta testers to provide feedback and report bugs.

Customer Support: Both platforms enable companies to create communities where customers can engage, ask questions, and share product feedback, while the company offers support and shares updates.

Professional Associations: Both platforms could be used by associations or clubs to set up groups for various activities or interests, allowing members to join their preferred groups and engage in discussions.

Marketing Agencies: Agencies could use both platforms to set up communities for their clients, facilitating efficient communication and coordination about projects and campaigns.

While Mighty Networks offers a distinct forum-like experience, Soul Software Communities provides a more modern social network-inspired user experience, allowing businesses to customize and tailor the platform to their specific needs. Consider your organization's unique requirements and preferences when choosing between these community-focused platforms.

Love notes from our beautiful clients...






Love notes from our clients



Website Design

Create Gorgeous websites and funnels with our custom templates and get your site up and running super fast!

Top notch Support & White Glove Service

With 24/7 chat support, 1-on-1 Zoom support, a well-stocked support library and constant trainings, we don't know of another platform that will give you the kind of service that we provide. We will connect your domains, and even help you with your first launch!

Advanced Automations

With every good all-in-one platform there needs to be a way for you to focus on your gifts and automate the rest. Our Workflows are the easiest to learn and you'll love the way it will save you time!


Coaching & Courses

Whether you want to deliver a workshop, course, hold meetings or teach a course we've got you covered! All is unlimited!

Create private groups and have 1on1 channels with your clients. Chat, send & share video. Send files including audios, pdfs, mp4 & more. Create goals, & celebrate milestones together.

Video Calls and Meetings

Host and record unlimited calls and meetings in your private groups and rooms with your clients, potential clients and your teams. (Replaces Zoom or Google Meet)

All your conversations together!

Something that's really cool about Soul Software is the ability to have two-way conversations directly inside of Soul Software. You can email, text, PM and DM in the same thread with your client. Gone are the days you need to think about where you last wrote your client.



Soulpreneurs App is a social networking platform dedicated to holding space for love, learning, mindfulness and expansion.

Network and meet potential clients and cohorts from around the globe.

Go Live and be seen and heard by the entire app community.

CopyWriting Done For You!

Do you never know what to write or find yourself stuck creating the sequence of emails that needs to go out for a course you've created? Well, be stuck no more :)We've got you set-up with not only templates but your complete workflow read to send once you've given it your personal touch.

Unlimited Groups

When you are a Soulpreneurs-Member you can host unlimited groups within the Soulpreneurs App.

How easy is it to get started & set-up?

The 1-on-1 support that Soul Software gives is something our competitors just can't beat.

We have an onboarding service for every member that comes into Soul Software. On a video call we hook up your domain.

Within an hour we will have your email, calendar, payment integrations, and social integrations ready to go.

Within a few tutorials, you'll feel at ease with building your website and automating your funnel.

How many members/ Contacts can I have?

We do not limit how many contacts or members you have in your email list, membership list, or inside the app.

How reliable is Soul Software?

We are built to scale and be the fastest and most reliable in the industry. While Soul Software is new, our partner development company has worked with over 10,000 agencies over the years to build-out custom marketing and design platforms.

The foundation of Soul Software's leveraged infrastructure and architecture is Google Cloud Technology. Our suppliers and partners manage millions of users and peak bandwidth exceeding 100,000 requests per second.

Did you build all of your Software from scratch?

Absolutely NOT!

Our problem that we are solving is not the lack of great software developments in the industry.

What we do is curate software to create an experience within the software that makes it is easier to use and create so you have more time to do what you love!

Soul Software at its core is not a development company. It is a curated platform that utilizes the best developments from a variety of different developers. We are unique in that we are not limited to how fast developers of one company create, we love to find new developers to aid our clients in always receiving the best of the best. Not only this but we are focused on two key areas Engagement and Community!

We have worked for two years behind the scenes to deliver proprietary swipe-copy, funnels, websites, API tools to help your clients seamlessly move from purchase to your community and courses. We have also created countless support tools, and have a white glove service to all of our clients and affiliates.

We work with some proprietary developers along with

some large heavy hitters in the development world.

We do not disclose all of our developers publicly on our website because our eco-system as a whole is what creates our proprietary brand.

However, if you are tech savvy or have been in another software system that looks similar, you may recognize our back-office. This is the background engine that is at the heart of the innovation you'll see with some of our core systems. These are leading-edge developers that have been backed by over 70 million dollars and are serving over thousands of developers, agencies and private labels around the globe.

Are there any transaction fees?

Unlike some, Soul Software does NOT charge any transaction fees! Your payment processor (Stripe, PayPal or will charge a standard transaction fee, which may vary based on your location.

How does the free trial work?

Choose which plan you'd like to test? Then, after the set amount of days for your trial, your card will be charged for the plan that you chose.

Is Soul Software Encrypted and GDPR Compliant?

We take the protection of your and your customer's personal data very seriously and treat personal data verify confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations and this data protection declaration. Data is always encrypted at rest. It's always encrypted in transit. You know, we're utilizing both primarily Google Cloud but also a little of Amazon AWS, both of which are that then they themselves GDPR compliance.

Can I incorporate Wordpress with Soul Software?

Yes! We host WordPress sites!! With our new integration technology, we will host your WordPress site for an additional $14.99 a month with whichever plan that you select.

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